What is DataGekko

DataGekko is a fully managed enterprise grade metrics as a service solution that allows you to easily and securely collect, process, store, manage and query data from millions of distributed sources. DataGekko provides the necessary infrastructure and tooling to visualize time series data and create dashboards for your services.


For companies and engineers who need to collect measurements, metrics and counters, DataGekko will provide the necessary infrastructure and tooling to store and analyze the data. Different from AWS Timestream or InfluxDB, DataGekko is not just a managed database but a full platform and an end to end solution for data collection, storage and analytics.

Product Service Summary

DataGekko can ingest data over MQTT with millisecond precision of data points with full resolution history for the full retention period. You can query and visualise your data with sub second latency and with data tagging it allows you to slice and aggregate across multiple dimensions. The platform does not have hard limits on the number of clients and metrics it supports giving you the freedom you need for cost effective deployments for large numbers of devices and services.


  • Company Founded
    January 10th 2018
  • Closed Beta
    June 2018
  • Open Beta
    January 12th 2019
  • First customer
    January 14th 2019


These are common industry problems these days:

  • Hosting and maintaining a metrics data pipeline
  • Long term data retention
  • Slow querying
  • Limited number of clients and metrics


These are our solutions:

  • DataGekko is a managed service
  • Full data resolution for the full retention period
  • Sub second query latency
  • Unmetered clients and metrics


  • Why use DataGekko?
    DataGekko utilizes the necessary scale to run and maintain such a pipeline. It is usually not worth the development effort to build on your own, and even less so to maintain and host the solution.
  • What about data security?
    All data in the platform is encrypted at rest, anonymized and isolated leaving you with full control over your data.
  • Do you offer help with integration?
    Yes, feel free to reach out and we can help you integrate or give advice. Contact us at info@datagekko.com.
  • I have very specific requirements, can you help?
    Yes, while we offer a generalized platform that should cover most use cases, in case you have some very specific requirements or inquiries reach out to info@datagekko.com.


Asmir Avdicevic


Tech enthusiast and data engineer by trade. Worked with numerous startups and enterprises to build scalable and efficient data pipelines for various industries and use cases. Now focused on solving the common denominator issue between most of these systems.